Blooming Great Emails

Blooming Great Emails

Blooming Great Emails

Bex Osborn

Marketing Strategist

21 Aug 2020

The strategy Bloom & Wild delivers fresh flowers directly to your door through your letterbox.

After a successful start, the business has rapidly grown into a major player within the UK flower market.

The brand demonstrates the importance of attention to detail, from their personalised marketing strategy to their delicately packaged flowers.

Being a digital-first company allows Bloom & Wild to gather a vast amount of customer data.

They use this data to improve the customer purchase journey and build upon loyalty through detailed segmentation.

They are able to enhance the user experience through a personalised approach, understanding when customers are likely to reorder.

Being proud of the people behind your brand, and bringing them to the forefront of your marketing can elevate your brand to customer communication.

It’s easy to get carried away with business goals and KPI’s, and forget that you’re talking to real people, Bloom & Wild are a great example of the success that humanising your brand can bring.

The emails The emails themselves arrive in the inbox 2-3 times a week and are full of brand updates, product information, and value added content.

The key thing to note from Bloom & Wild emails is how well they reflect their actual product.

By using a soft pastel colour palette and delicate animation they pull in the floral features extremely well.

Through using a mixture of lifestyle imagery and hand drawn elements they are able to really bring the email designs to life.

Communicating a sense of giving from human and product photography, and eye catching elements from engaging animations.

The recommendations carousel they often include is also a nice touch, showcasing positive customer reviews in a unique way.

They use a variety of fonts here, signing the customer name in a signature style font gives an extra human touch.

“I really enjoy receiving Bloom & Wild emails because they inject so much personality into the designs with their hand drawn illustrations and animations.

They have a strong brand identity that is fun and playful.” - Sophie Eggs, Design Lead.

Thoughtful marketing When planning their Mother’s Day campaign in March 2019, Bloom & Wild opted for a different marketing approach.

Rather than focusing on hitting strong sales targets, the brand prioritised their customers through a thoughtful marketing campaign.

Bloom & Wild customers were emailed an option to opt-out to Mother’s Day emails, linking to a simple landing page.

Those who clicked the link were added into a segment to not receive the upcoming campaign, but would still remain subscribed to their other emails.

The feedback received from this marketing approach was extremely positive, with competitors and brands alike executing their own opt-out campaigns.

We have since seen opt-out emails for a range of annual dates including Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

As a result, the next year in 2020 Bloom & Wild launched the Thoughtful Marketing Movement, which already has over 130 brands signed up.

Created to encourage brands to come together and encompass empathetic marketing communications.

Brands who sign up must commit to offering opt-outs around potentially sensitive email content, providing tailored alternate messaging.

The initiative demonstrates the importance of such meaningful considerations, and how thoughtful marketing has a place within any sector.

Ultimately, when new subscribers come on board, what they really want is added value.

They’ll only invite you into their inbox when they’re convinced your brand can deliver insightful content that will benefit them.

Bloom & Wild’s emails truly encompass their brand values, successfully giving their subscribers purposeful content.

Consider what you can offer your subscribers, and if you don’t have a clear answer then maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your marketing communication.

There should be a reason for each piece of content being created, not just an excuse to promote a brand message.

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Got a project or want to know more about what we do? Drop us a message here, and we'll get back to you.

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