Top Designs for December

Top Designs for December

Top Designs for December

Bex Osborn

Marketing Strategist

21 Dec 2021

The chocolates you were saving for Christmas have all been opened, you’re sick of mince pies already, and you’re hearing 36 Christmas songs a day.

But we’re here to give you a little last minute boost of inspiration! We’ve rounded up some awesome emails that we’ve received throughout December, to show you some brands who have nailed it this year.

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We’ll be back with our monthly round-ups in January 2022, have a wonderful Christmas! 🎄 1.

 Dunelm SL: Fiver Friday: Secret Santa edition 🎅 Chosen for: Theme.

We know what it’s like, everyone thinks secret santa is a great idea… until you get given someone you have only ever spoken to twice.

The way Dunelm have thought about the theme so clearly behind this email is great.

Making it topical, relevant, and easy for their customers! It would have been great to have seen some web text used, but for the theme we’ll give it 10/10 🎅.

2. Dot Bagel SL:

🎄 Fill Your Hole This Christmas ‍🎄 Chosen for:


A cheeky pun is enough to get our attention, it doesn’t take much.

A great email from Dot Bagel, a simple message promoting their new gift cards but sprinkled with a touch of fun, always a winner! 💌 3.

Modern Toss Shop SL: ARSEHOLES TO CHRISTMAS! Chosen for: Tone of Voice.

Excuse the French in this email but we had to include it in our round-up.

A good example of a brand who know exactly what their customers like.

They can talk in their usual tone of voice because that’s the nature of their products, cheeky and fun! Design.

Sometimes simplicity is key with email design and here is the proof! A nice animated hero image followed by web text, clear product information and a CTA so customers know exactly what action to take.

4. Pizza Pilgrims SL: Plan B Christmas party? Chosen for: Reactivity.

We’ve all seen the recent news, and Pizza Pilgrims were quick off the mark with this email.

They did a great job at offering different services due to Covid last year, so it’s great to see them offering these out to their customers again now.

5. Anthropologie SL:

Gather round, there's £120 OFF! Chosen for:


A beautiful festive email to land in our inbox this December.

Anthropologie have a very distinct brand within their physical shops and it’s wonderful to see them carry this into the email channel.

The partnership of the Christmas colours, textured backgrounds, and product photography works perfectly.

6. Jib Jab SL: NEW:

Play This Reindeer Game at Your Own Risk 🦌 Chosen for:

Personalisation. Because, well… Elliot.

Need we say more? Bex Highfield Marketing strategist




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Got a project or want to know more about what we do? Drop us a message here, and we'll get back to you.

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