Best of Boutique: The email sign-up

Best of Boutique: The email sign-up

Best of Boutique: The email sign-up

Bex Osborn

Marketing Strategist

27 Oct 2014

This week we investigated how 50 of the best online boutique retailers make the most of their online newsletter sign-up.

We’re interested to see how the smaller boutique fashion brands generate organic leads online.

Over 96% had a newsletter sign-up, around half of which had the sign-up box prominent on the home page with either a pop-up or the sign-up box above the fold.

Pop-up The brands eager to get their potential customers signing up use a pop-up when visiting the site.Me+Em outlines the benefits of registering in 3 easy-to-scan bullet points.

Along with effortlessly cool imagery and easy to tap buttons.

Far Fetch give the user the low down in one sentence.

The user also has the option of opting out of what can sometimes be an annoying barrier to the website.

Atterley Road go straight in with the offer and you receive your code straight away which prompted me to fill up my basket.

This is a great way to secure that first purchase from your new subscriber.

Atterley Road were not the only online boutiques that showered me with discounts.

My Wardrobe gives the subscriber the code straight away as a pop-up in the bottom right corner.

Centre stage Slightly less intrusive and almost as effective is making sure the sign-up box is center stage on your home page.

If connecting directly with your customers is important then give your sign-up box decent retail space.

I like the way toast does this, having the box centered is eye catching;

they surround the box with beautiful imagery and products.

The thank you confirmation replaces the sign-up box reassuring the user that they have subscribed successfully.

Colette stood out for me, I loved the layout of their home page.

The music adds another brand experience making the home page audibly as well as visually appealing.

The email sign-up is prominent in the bottom left corner and is easy to register to with just one click.

Couventure and the Garbstore go all out by using the left hand column to feature the newsletter sign-up.

They give information about their newsletters as well as collecting name, email and which product area the user is most interested in.

Drop down Another option is to include a drop down once someone clicks the box.

Avoiding subscribers mistyping their email addresses Shopbop ask you to re type your email address.

This can be a tad frustrating for the user but it does mean you have the correct email addresses in your list.

Another way of doing this is having an opt-in email to confirm the email address.

ShopBop’s thank you message is short and snappy with a great tone of voice.

Astley Clarke has a small pop up, that collects gender as well as email address, this enables them to target straight away with out having to geth the subscriber to upadate their preferences.

Top Rocket Tips: 1.

Organic leads through your website are a great way to start the conversation and hopefully prompt first purchase for new subscribers.

With this in mind make your sign-up prominent and give it the retail space it deserves.


Keep them on the home page – either collect the email address or use a pop-up if you want to collect more info or give a discount.

The home page is your shop window, there is no point diverting away to a separate uninspiring page.


Sum up the benefits of registering, and use words like member, or club or ‘you’re on the list’ this will help make people feel a part of your brand 4.

Collect information but make it as easy as possible.

More importantly make sure you use it!Think about your copy, keep it short and friendly throughout every stage, it doesn’t have to be service led and is a great way to start the conversation.


Say thank you – try to make this informal and give a short description of what the new subscriber is likely to use in the inbox.

It also reassures the subscriber that they have successfully subscribed.




Got a project or want to know more about what we do? Drop us a message here, and we'll get back to you.




Got a project or want to know more about what we do? Drop us a message here, and we'll get back to you.

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