Top Designs for March

Top Designs for March

Top Designs for March

Bex Osborn

Marketing Strategist

25 Apr 2019

Mmmmmmm burger... sorry distracted there.

In-between demolishing as many easter eggs as humanly possible and the continued obsession with finding the best burger we thought we'd share the round up of what March had to offer...

Enjoy! 1. McDonalds SL:

Still a Big Mac or not a Big Mac? The results are in! Chosen for:

Content - It's great how McDonalds they use their newsletter to cover a range of topics including previewing their biggest promotion and connecting to their social buzz around changing the Big Mac.

The design pulls this varied content together well.

Interactivity - Given the range of topics it's good to see McDonalds including interactive ratings within the email visually before the footer.

This links to text based content in survey, this would have been better to include yes/no questions so they could get a performance barometer over time.

2. Boots SL: Mother's Day with CHANEL Chosen for:

Visuals - I love how Boots nails Mothers Day with their different approach, this cuts through in a sea of flowers and sentiment.

One consideration is that the CTA is pushed far down which on a mobile device leads to increasing scrolls.

Customer information - It's good to see advantage card tally giving customers clear insight on their points.

Currently only parts of this section is clickable which can cause a challenge on mobile devices, it would be great to link this whole section for ease.

3. Flaticon SL:

🎧 Put up the volume and let your creativity flow! Chosen for:

Design - A striking design from Flaticon to promote their product from the choice of colours to the layout and CTA’s make this a stand-out email.

Icon's - Unsurprisingly Flaticon's use of icon's is stunning.

These have been used brilliantly to reduce the text and clearly highlight the benefits of their premium service clearly.

4. Hobbycraft SL: Easy Easter Bonnet Ideas! Chosen for:

Theme - Hobbycraft's emails are always a good mix of content and they love to theme their emails around a subject.

This email brought everything needed to survive Easter beautifully moving between driving customers online or in-store.

Animation - Given Hobbycraft is rich with content I like the way they included the 'how to' video's to help bring the product content together animating it just to hint at what the it will show if you click though.

5. Joules SL: April | Adventures Chosen for:

Approach – In 2019 Joules turns 30 and to celebrate each month they highlight the moments that make them who they are.

For April the focus is around having adventures and the content is beautifully designed around this putting rich content at the forefront of telling their story.

Any you've loved that we've missed? Let us know on Instagram or Twitter .

Bex Highfield Marketing Manager




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Got a project or want to know more about what we do? Drop us a message here, and we'll get back to you.

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