Top designs for the summer

Top designs for the summer

Top designs for the summer

Bex Osborn

Marketing Strategist

21 Aug 2019

Sing with me...

"In the summertime when the weather is hot, you can stretch right up and touch the sky"...

Ok, not 100% true, it is the summertime but as usual the weather has been a bit meh.

To celebrate the summer we've produced a bumper version of our design review for your viewing pleasure....

enjoy! 1. BBC SL: Killing Eve:

don't miss brand new season – catch her before she catches you Chosen for:

Concept .

Starting off with a bang with the amazing email launching S2 Killing Eve.

The concept of playing back the key characters in such a simplistic but visually impactful way is stunning.

Messaging .

Given the key message I love how single-focused this message is, BBC doesn't take the opportunity to bombard with any secondary message pushing users to get their fix viewing the trailer or binging on the last season.

2. Sweaty Betty SL: Find Betty: Open ASAP! Treat inside Chosen for: Idea .

I love how Sweaty Betty has added a bit of mystery, gamification and smartly put the drive to action on their site rather than just let it play out in the email.


Given this simple message again, similarly to the BBC, Sweaty Betty has creatively focused purely on the message pulling it out with simple animation.

3. PizzaExpress SL: Free Leggera pizza inside Chosen for: Interaction.

Pizza Express constantly pushes the boundaries of the channel week on week and this example is no exception.

They use more modern techniques to convey the offer and different types of pizza really well letting the user interact and pick the pizza they would love.

Stunning! 4. Ikea SL:

Holly, new inspiration for your home Chosen for:

Interactivity .

Similarly to Pizza Express, Ikea has used interactivity to show off a mix of different styles and products taking a different approach to a standard carousel.

This shortens the email, works seamlessly on a mobile device and makes it super simple for the user.

Mobile Design .

This design will always have challenges on certain platforms/devices and this email was designed to effortlessly fall back as needed to accommodate every way a user views this email.

5. Treatwell SL:

When to book treatments before your holiday Chosen for:


Treatwell have such a fun brand to work with and they have used the summer theme and branding to it's best within this email.

I love the way the design pulls you down the page using a timeline to inform not rather than stress potential holidaymakers out.

The great use of icon's, colour and concise copy bring this together in a well thought out design.

6. Grohe SL:

GROHE now offers full bathroom solutions Chosen for:

Interactivity .

Grohe use interactivity and social concepts really well to highlight their products in a more visual way.

Using hotspots the user can play with the design pulling out more information on items of interest.

They prompt the user in the intro for customers who are confused and fall's back well on other platforms for a seamless experience.

7. Gap SL:

Yes! Deals on deals & more inside Chosen for:

Theme .

Gap's approach for Pride fits nicely with their brand ethos and doesn't come across as out of place.

I love how rather than shouting about themselves they take the opportunity to highlight an amazing family dynamic.

Using bold visuals and quotes they bring this beautiful story to life.

It would have been great to end the message there as this email is as excessively long which would have given more impact to this subject.

8. Charlotte Tilbury SL:

The Inspiration Behind Hot Lips 2! Chosen for:

Design .

Charlotte Tilbury's email is very image-rich but the design stands out in an inbox filled with vertical perspectives and white space.

The way they've flipped the product on its side showcasing the design using the whole width of the email and still managed to pull your eye down the page is lovely.

Any you've loved that we've missed? Let us know on Instagram or Twitter .

Holly Mander Head of Strategy




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Got a project or want to know more about what we do? Drop us a message here, and we'll get back to you.

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