Email Inspiration: Deezer Welcome Series

Email Inspiration: Deezer Welcome Series

Email Inspiration: Deezer Welcome Series

Bex Osborn

Marketing Strategist

17 Nov 2014

Sometimes your users know what they are subscribing too, other times they may just sign-up out of curiosity and have no expectations whatsoever.

In my case it was the latter...

"Have you tried Deezer? It's much easier to use than other apps and it's free." That was enough for me to give it a gander.

Let the welcome series begin... 7th November SL:

Welcome to Deezer, a new way to enjoy music I signed in using my Facebook account because I was on my mobile and on the go - this email arrived promptly to send me my generated password and a variety of artists that I may want to start with.

I loved that they summed up their app in one sentence before anything else.

My curiosity had been cured, questions answered in one simple sentence.

8th November SL: Discover Deezer:

Step 1 - Hear music selected just for you Continuing to school me on how to make the most out of my favourite new app, Deezer explains that the next few emails I will receive will act as a tour of the service (I've now noted to look out for these).

Leaving me to settle in and suggesting some different artists I may be interested in.

I'm still finding my way around the different features at this stage and trying to help them personalise my experience as much as possible.I'm enjoying their clean, user-friendly design so far.

The bursts of colour here and there are refreshing with clear CTA's.

I'm a happy user. 10th November SL: Discover Deezer:

Step 2 - Import your own MP3's The much anticipated step 2 arrived in my inbox a couple of days later, as promised, they are trickling in some new information.

I can import my own mp3's? Sweet.

I can analyse my own listening habits? Cool.

Luckily I opened this one on my desktop - curious about the drop box, I naively dropped in music straight from iTunes to see what would happen...

nothing of course.

It opens up to a library where you can drop them in (below).

11th November Whilst I await the next step, I receive this push notification.

Still aimed at new users, this piece of cross channel marketing is a nice reminder.

I receive a few of these throughout the next few days suggesting different types of playlists and useful tips.

12th November SL: Discover Deezer:

Step 3 - Add your favourite music to your library‏ The bite-size pointers and music suggestions continue to land in my inbox.

This time they are showing me how to start building my own library.

I haven't started doing this yet so is hard to tell if this is targeted or not.

Would it be another feature if I had already started building my library? Extra brownie points if so.

The emails are adaptive/responsive if you were wondering.

Here's what that looks like... 14th November SL: Discover Deezer:

Step 4 - Create a playlist for every occasion‏ And this perfectly timed final step teaches me how to create my own playlists, ready for the weekend.

This series has really stood out in my inbox and I'll look forward to see where they go from here.

Overall: 1. The stepped reminders are a nice touch.

It made me pay attention to the upcoming newsletters and not just as an email marketer, but as a user.

Maybe the amount of emails wouldn't be necessary for a straight forward, well known brand but in this case, it works well.


Other than a couple of spacing errors, the only negative I have is that I would have liked to see a bit more personalisation with the music they were suggesting.

I think they went for a broad spectrum of genres instead which I can't complain too much about.

I would have clicked about 9/23 suggestions so not bad going.


Turns out you can pay for Deezer , I had to go looking for this info as this wasn't something the welcome series or push notifications had been trying to get me to do until today.

So far, I've not seen/heard any ads so I'll stick with my free subscription for now.4.

The colloquial language makes the series less suffocating.

Using phrases like 'let you get settled in' takes off the hard sell that other campaigns may struggle with.

Actually nurturing the subscribers as well as guiding them through a new process of music streaming is a smart tactic.

I feel at home with Deezer.




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Got a project or want to know more about what we do? Drop us a message here, and we'll get back to you.

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