#FutureOfEmail: The highlights

#FutureOfEmail: The highlights

#FutureOfEmail: The highlights

Bex Osborn

Marketing Strategist

29 Apr 2015

With around 130 enthusiastic email marketers in attendance, the conversations (and beer) flowed effortlessly.

We even managed to quickly round up a decent £153.10 for the Nepal Earthquake Appeal - thanks to those that were so generous!It was a great turnout and the response was reaffirming of the communities' desire to learn and talk email;

the waitlist was bursting at the seams.

With that said, if you weren't able to make it (or just want to re-live it) here's a quick recap:

Looking forward to #FutureOfEmail pic.twitter.com/ugXou7kEEs — Charles Southey (@csouthey) April 28, 2015 But wait I thought the mantra was email more? Haha #FutureOfEmail pic.twitter.com/dk1xuh1LCa — Parry Malm (@ParryMalm) April 28, 2015 #FutureOfEmail Become a spreadsheet ninja! Even if you're not an analyst you should know your database— Kirsty Trainer (@KirstyTrainer) April 28, 2015 What is segmentation? Using data in an attempt to send relevant data.

@matthewhayes #FutureOfEmail — Alex Ilhan (@omgitsonlyalex) April 28, 2015 Context is the new segmentation.

I agree.

No more time wasting! @kickdynamic #FutureOfEmail pic.twitter.com/thxLiUpTn4 — Parry Malm (@ParryMalm) April 28, 2015 Two talks in at #futureofemail and "Relevance" is definitely the new buzzword for email.

Not long ago it was "Responsive"— Tim Morgan (@timmorgan) April 28, 2015 My main man @Mike_Ragan pushing the pixels on stage.

#FutureOfEmail pic.twitter.com/6uOhexK5c3 — Lexi Clarke (@lexi_clarke) April 28, 2015 Didn't know @Mike_Ragan at @ActionRocket was responsible for THE transformers email #FutureOfEmail pic.twitter.com/Luoo0hlnFJ — Sharon J (@EmailChicGeek) April 28, 2015 Thought I'd utilise my first tweet to congratulate @Mike_Ragan on a superb talk on pixel art at #FutureOfEmail — Mark Harlock (@MarkHarlock) April 28, 2015 @ParryMalm getting to meat of how to test SLs right #FutureOfEmail pic.twitter.com/gxD4vTEqye — Jonathan Pay (@jonathanpay) April 28, 2015 Hilariously entertaining talk by @ParryMalm on how we're doing A/B split testing wrong #FutureOfEmail — Steph Jones (@Stephhh) April 28, 2015 Best takeaways of the night coming from @B3ddoes 's talk right now.

#futureofemail — Dylan Smith (@dylanatsmith) April 28, 2015 @B3ddoes , answering the question everyone is thinking...

#FutureOfEmail pic.twitter.com/0zD6VCVl3W — Steph Jones (@Stephhh) April 28, 2015 #starstruck nice one for the #email insight tonight #FutureOfEmail pic.twitter.com/U7U2VCxhM1 — Rut Dawson (@rutdawson) April 28, 2015 Excellent evening #FutureOfEmail .

Great sessions and to meet so many people in person.

Cheers @ActionRocket @yarrcat — Kristian Robinson (@joon82) April 28, 2015 What an awesome evening at #FutureOfEmail ! Thanks and oodles of appreciation to @ActionRocket and @yarrcat ! #GottaLoveEmail — Beyond the Envelope™ (@Paul_Airy) April 28, 2015 #futureofemail was bloody amazing.

Please have more events like that.

#emailisNOTdead @CampaignMonitor @ActionRocket pic.twitter.com/cTYwu1SrIR — AJ (@nukajose) April 29, 2015 Quality talks at #FutureOfEmail last night & met loads of brilliant switched on women.

Go email ladies! X— Rachael Kearney (@rachaelkearney) April 29, 2015 Great night at #FutureOfEmail .

Thnx @ActionRocket I'm wearing the T in the office today.

pic.twitter.com/yTevsuvTqH — Duncan Cartledge (@superdunc) April 29, 2015 Oh, man.

Had such a blast at #FutureOfEmail last night.

Thanks @yarrcat and @ActionRocket for organising.

— Matthew Slaymaker (@mattslaymaker) April 29, 2015 Today's stylish apparel sponsored by @ActionRocket as featured on this young(ish) model #emailgeeks pic.twitter.com/jQjA2HSdPn — Rut Dawson (@rutdawson) April 29, 2015 @rutdawson @ActionRocket well, this is awkward! pic.twitter.com/FcQbUP6Bbb — Sharon J (@EmailChicGeek) April 29, 2015 Thank you to Campaign Monitor for igniting the whole event and especially Ros Hodgekiss (@yarrcat) who organised a brilliant evening.

Also, thank you to our speakers and the venue for making the whole thing a success.Until next time, folks.




Got a project or want to know more about what we do? Drop us a message here, and we'll get back to you.




Got a project or want to know more about what we do? Drop us a message here, and we'll get back to you.

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