Why Tailored Content Matters in Email Marketing

Why Tailored Content Matters in Email Marketing

Why Tailored Content Matters in Email Marketing

Bex Osborn

Marketing Strategist

15 Jul 2020

We recently hosted an industry chat over on Twitter, where we wanted to get under the skin of email geeks and brands alike.

Aiming to understand what new email tactics have been tried and tested recently.

Likeminded Marketers from all over got involved, sharing campaign results, and their expert advice.

We now want to dig a little deeper into some themes which were identified throughout.

A topic which was discussed multiple times was the importance of tailored content.

Recognising its value in customer satisfaction is vital, and today we will be discussing some tactics around this which you can adopt.

Start the conversation What type of relationship do you want with your subscribers? Ideally this should be a two way dialog, make the commitment with them at sign up and honor it.

A great way to ensure you are sending relevant content to your subscribers is by asking them.

Don’t be afraid to ask your audience what they want from you and your brand.

By updating their preferences they are giving themselves a better subscriber journey, and improving their user experience.

This form of interaction shouldn’t be underestimated.

It can be a great way to keep segments updated, and build a stronger relationship between brand and customer.

Directing subscribers to an email preference centre or survey can give you the confidence that the content is right for them.

Keep in mind the importance of balancing implicit and explicit preferences, who a subscriber is versus who they want to be should be recognised.

Balancing browse and in-email behaviour with regular preferences and surveys can be extremely useful.

Once you have that data, this is when you can focus on your segmentation.

Send relevant content According to MailChimp , segmented email campaigns result in 23% higher open rates and 49% higher click through rates than unsegmented campaigns.

Sending relevant content to your email subscribers is one of the most important things your brand could be doing.

Segmentation is the difference between batch blasting resulting in higher unsubscribes, and really understanding the value of each email address.

Segmentation is used to provide more relevant and targeted content to your subscribers.

Allowing you to craft email campaigns that are custom-tailored to a subscribers preferences.

Including location, age, industry, purchase information and more.

Segmentation can help to improve brand loyalty, increasing the credibility of your brand.

Demonstrating transparency to subscribers, through clarifying the exact use of their data.

In this post GDPR world, new subscriber uptake is not as high so continuing to batch and blast is not a sustainable marketing strategy.

Subscribers will always be at different stages in the customer lifecycle, so sending emails with the same content out to them all won’t work.

Engaging your audience on a personal level can be a great way to keep their custom.

Put yourself in the position of your customer and open your inbox.

What content are brands sending you? If they are using content relevant to you right now you’re much more likely to be receptive to their messaging.

Subscribers do become numb to seeing the same messaging over and over again.

Keeping your content fresh through the clever use of data can be vital for your brand and customer engagement.

Are you interested in giving email segmentation a go? Here’s how we can help.

How ActionRocket can help with segmentation:

We are here to help determine the strategies for your different segment groups.

We can work with you to develop a segmentation approach and plan.

Helping you decipher what is working or not working within your current segmentation model.

How Taxi for Email can help with segmentation:

Taxi enables you to easily use segmentation without having to edit dynamic ESP script every time you want to - it’s a one-time setup.

This saves time and ensures your audiences consistently receive accurate content, as well as giving your team the confidence to send better and more relevant emails at pace and scale.

Bex Highfield Marketing Manager




Got a project or want to know more about what we do? Drop us a message here, and we'll get back to you.




Got a project or want to know more about what we do? Drop us a message here, and we'll get back to you.

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