Celebrating the Women of ActionRocket

Celebrating the Women of ActionRocket

Celebrating the Women of ActionRocket

Bex Osborn

Marketing Strategist

8 Mar 2022

At ActionRocket we pride ourselves on gender equality 59% of our team identify as female, and so in honour of International Women’s Day we sat down with some of them. We talk career, wisdom and simply living life well with ten of the ladies who make ActionRocket such an inspiring place to work every day.

What’s the biggest career challenge have you faced, and how did you handle it?

I’d say the biggest challenge so far was returning to work after being on maternity leave with my daughter for 18 months. I was a Freelancer at the time and a lot can change in 18 months. I had to work hard at networking to let my previous clients know that I was back to work, and also network to win new clients. Luckily a contract came through pretty quickly from Ann Summers. Working with them was a very different day to being Mum!

- Sarah Warren, Designer

What is one thing that has made you stronger in your career?

The one thing that has made me stronger in my career has been to make the most of the right support that is available to me at every stage and to not be afraid to ask for it when I've needed it. I think it's the one thing that we can so easily provide for each other. Feeling supported, sharing experiences and being a mentor to others has been the most valuable thing for me throughout my career.

- Nicole Holden, Copywriter

How do you manage your work-life balance?

Being a working mother maintaining a work-life balance is key not only for my own happiness but everyone around me. I’ve tried and failed many times over the years to master this and finally realised mastering it isn’t the way to do it for me. There isn’t one approach to apply which means hey presto everything runs smoothly, it changes by the week or month. Understanding this and taking the pressure out of perfection makes it a little easier.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have tools or approaches that I use to make everything smoother. The pressure working parents put on themselves is intense and for me I’ve adapted over the years and the biggest thing I’ve learnt is communication and acceptance are two aspects that make it manageable.

Communication in work on what commitments I have personally as well as communication at home - I don’t hide my work from my children, they know mummy loves what she does and I take them through projects to show them what I’ve been up to. I want them to have a career they love and showing that at home is the right foundation.

Acceptance is key at work, working with a family friendly employer who realises my personal commitments don’t detract from my abilities at work helps. I stopped apologising for taking time out for things like parents evening, working flexibly means I can support demands from both sides and when the demands get too high I can work with my team openly to work out a solution.

- Holly Mander, Strategy Director

If you were speaking to a room full of young girls, what would you say to them to consider a career in Digital Marketing?

One thing this digital industry needs is smart, intelligent, empathetic, diverse women, to go and be what ever they choose to be. In return we must give women the space and confidence to grow, to nurture raw talent. To teach the next generation of data scientists, strategists, coders, marketeers and designers. If there is one thing the world needs it’s women at its very core of the digital revolution. Relatable, real humans with real life stories, leading the way and making the most senior decisions.

Good, forward thinking businesses are making work culture completely inclusive, flexible and supportive so women CAN have everything. Getting work life balance is hard, but if you can choose the path that you love, in an organisation that respects you, work will not feel so hard. I hope that I will have no reason to pass down the hammer, there will be no glass ceilings in your way. Go get them. You’ve got this. You can have everything you choose.

- Lexi Clarke, Agency Director

Which women in history inspire you the most?

The women who inspire me the most are the ones I interact with everyday, particularly our team at ActionRocket. We have such a fabulous team of creative, and driven women - it’s impossible not to be inspired when you work with thought leaders in the industry and are a part of such a supportive environment.

- Katie Inwood, Account Manager

What did you want to become when you were younger?

I was quite the indecisive child and changed my future aspirations on what felt like a daily basis. When I was five I wanted to be a fairy, followed by a princess. Alas my dreams were shattered when I realised both occupations were impossible.

When I was eight I wanted to be an actress and went to drama school to pursue this. At age eleven I became obsessed with The Apprentice. Seeing several women in positions of power was inspiring! This made me realise I wanted to do something business-related when I grew up, and as a result I chose to study Business Studies at A-Level and Marketing at University.

- Ellie Dane, Account Manager

What’s a powerful quote you strongly agree with?

“Taking crazy things seriously is a serious waste of time” - Haruki Murakami

Murakami is one of my favourite writers, and although the majority of what he writes is surrealist fiction, I often find myself relating to the message he puts across. This quote is from “Kafka on the Shore” which is my all time favourite book, and I happened to read it while I was going through some tough times in my personal life, I remember having a realisation moment - really there is no reason to be taking crazy things in this life so seriously - if you can’t control it, why worry.

- Jen Cain, Designer

Tell us about a stereotype you’ve had to overcome

As a female, choosing a career within the tech industry felt quite daunting at first. Stereotypically, it can be seen as very male dominated and I thought I might have to prove myself just that little bit more. I quickly realised there are lots of females leading the way after going to a few events and industry talks! These really helped me overcome any doubts and motivated me to take on any new challenges that came my way. I encourage anyone to break traditional stereotypes and do the things you love.

- Sophie Eggs, Head of Design

Why do you think it’s important to celebrate all aspects of womanhood on International Women’s Day?

If you search for the meaning of womanhood, you might find broad definitions that describe it as being ‘the state of being a woman’ or ‘the qualities that are characteristic of being a woman’. In my opinion, womanhood is a multifaceted concept, with many aspects that are often overlooked or underestimated by both men and women alike.

I believe womanhood is not just a final state of being, but rather a dynamic journey whereby a girl becomes an adult before continuously evolving as a woman. Physical, psychological, and sociological settings are just some of the aspects that might influence an individual’s experience of womanhood, making it a highly subjective and personal construct. Personally, I believe it is important to recognise that these aspects have changed throughout history.

Being a woman is not just a set of physical characteristics or personality traits or fixed societal roles, but really all of these things intertwined with an experience that shapes a connection between oneself and other people.

- Jasmine Roberts, Account Manager

How do you feel working with other women has helped you in your career?

From the very beginning of my career I have been surrounded by incredible female mentors and role models. Having that support from other women who have been where I have, and helped me to handle tough situations has been invaluable to my progression. There’s this outdated stereotype that women don’t support other women, but I can honestly say I’ve been lucky enough to rarely experience that.

When women succeed they are paving the way for the rest of us to succeed, and this should be something that’s celebrated! In my role at ActionRocket I am constantly supported by a female leadership team. I feel privileged to sit beside women who inspire, challenge, and push me to do my best every day.

- Bex Highfield, Marketing Manager




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Got a project or want to know more about what we do? Drop us a message here, and we'll get back to you.

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